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Enterprise IT spending exceeds $3 trillion world-wide, with telecom spending representing 18% of the total. Against an increasingly complex background of legacy, on-premise and cloud-based spending, including owned and third-party IT, hardware, software and services, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud, Mobile Voice and Mobile Data, Fixed Voice, VoIP, SIP, IoT Internet of Things,  Machine to Machine, Unified Communications assets and Data Network Communications services, enterprises struggle to achieve measurable and repeatable cost savings and strategic alignment with their broader digital business transformation objectives.

Hence, ITFM - IT Financial Management and full lifecycle TEM or Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management is on the agenda of many Finance, IT and Purchasing departments.

They want to reduce and contain technology costs associated with mobility, fixed telecom, data networks, cloud, M2M, IT, and UC through audit, improved technology bill management, better contract management, technology inventory management, timely analytics and reporting, pricing and usage optimization.

Convergence is a technology consulting organization offering both Managed Service and Business Process Outsourcing services, focusing on technology expense and inventory management.

Our full Technology Lifecycle Management portfolio of software and services for technology cost management includes technology strategic sourcing services through cost analysis, contract negotiation, RFx Development and Evaluation and auctioning and technology contract procurement services. IT financial management includes Bill of IT, consumption and demand management, holistic application management, cloud cost management, visual modeling, call accounting, and cost allocations, with enterprise-class telecom expense management which includes provisioning through usage, contract, and invoice management, cost allocation and end-user IT and technology self-service capabilities.

Our Telecom Optimization Services reducing telecom expenses include telecom invoice audit, tariff optimization, telecom network optimization, inventory optimization and technology upgrade assessments, allowing for telecom cost reduction.

Managed services reduce telecom cost through technology enabled management, allowing for ongoing telecom bill audit, telecom call accounting, telecom reporting, telecom invoice control and automated telecommunications audit.

Business Process Outsourcing services provide you with TEM technology and technology advisory consultant expert services for outsourced cost control and spend management logistics services, leading to technology expense reduction as well as reduction in operational management costs.

With 20+ years of experience we can help Any size organization to improve your bottom line Anywhere, Anytime for Any Technology service type.

Explore Technology Expense Management

Technology Expense Management fullfills the need of organizations to to better manage their ICT assets and services. TEM provides visibility into the Technology inventory and associated costs, eliminates inefficiencies and produces cost savings and avoidance. By centralizing information about traditional telecom networks, mobility programs, IoT, and internal IT infrastructure, Technology Expense Management solutions provide intelligence at any level of the organization. 

Telecom Expense Management

Convergence is an European leader in providing the software and technology-based services that provide any size enterprise and not-for-profit organization as well as government with razor-sharp visibility, transparency and control of their organization-wide Fixed Voice, Mobile Voice and Mobile Data, Data Communications expenses, telecom infrastructure investments and telecom maintenance costs. 

Managed Mobility Services

We take care of your Mobile Services Management. Our services dramatically reduce the amount of time your organization spends managing mobile services and devices. In addition to lowering your mobile expenses this service also lowers your operational expenses in managing the mobility lifecycle from sourcing to procurrement to device management to helpdesk.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

Unified Communications and Collaboration integrates various methods of communication, such as email, VoIP, voice calls, and video into one application. It improvse collaboration between employees and throughout the organization. UCC expense management helps you gain visibility over the enterprise UCC assets and expenses, so you can optimize your company's usage and better manage the costs.

Cloud Expense Management

Cloud services are adopted throughout the enterprise and are bringing similar challenges that organizations have experienced with telecom and mobile management. Convergence has developped its expertise in technology expense management to help organizations better manage Cloud technology and associated costs. We provide the visibility and  control of your Cloud services required to mitigate costs and optimize your cloud assets throughout their lifecycle.

What Convergence Does for You

Our TEM services supports any size organization's IT and telecoms management.  We assume time-consuming recurring work, automate where possible and assist where needed. By ensuring your Technology, Cloud and Telecoms providers never overcharge and your organization pays only for services it actually needs and uses, Convergence delivers substantial savings, time and over again.


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Software that drives savings

Manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint

Convergence's proprietary and third party software assures you to take back control of your organizations technology expenses, and to start managing the Enterprise Digital Footprint. Our applications for TLM - Technology Lifecycle Management will help you to implement best practices in expense management, cost avoidance and operational management. Whether you prefer a self managed solution or leverage our services, you will reap the benefits from using our analytic and operational TLM software.

Powerfull Back-End Software

Our Powerfull Back-End software takes care of the heavy lifting. From supplier Bill Processing to data integration, Service Normalisation, Shadow Billing, Validation, Optimization, Simulation, Cost Allocation to Reporting Automation and Business Intelligence and Analytics preparation using advanced Big Data concepts and technologies.

Customer Friendly Applications

With user friendly software, many of the Technology Lifecycle Management tasks you used to do manually become automated. Whether you choose to execute these tasks internally, using our platforms, or completely outsource them, you will benefit from increased productivity en efficiencies and save costs on the go.

Clever and International Scope

Whether you operate in just 1 country or in 50+, we take care of your Technology Expense Management. Solutions are designed to manage expenses across suppliers, languages, currencies, countries...  Actually, our focus from day one was to solve the complexities of a globalised environment with clever software and services. 


Convergence Analytics provides Technology Expense Management and Technology Lifecycle Management for Telecom, IT and Cloud including Expense Management Managed Services and Professional services based on proprietary and third party SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms to corporate customers.
Convergence Technology Lifecycle Management (Convergence TMP - Technology Management Platform) solutions are supplied through the TEMPOR portal, providing access to COMManager, Convergence BillIntelligence and TEMExpert.
Convergence technologies and services optimize expenses for mobile, fixed voice and data network services, IoT, Cloud and IT.
Convergence solutions enable TEM – Telecom Expense Management, ITEM – IT Expense Management, CEM – Cloud Expense Management, EMM - Enterprise Mobility Management, MDM - Mobile Device Management, MMS - Managed Mobility Services and MSS – Managed Security Services.
Convergence executes Internationally on an EMEA-wide basis, Globally in collaboration with a global partner network and nationally in an increasing number of European countries from its local offices and through Alliance and Marketing Partners and Agents.

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