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Plan, Implement and Manage your TEM solution.

Implementing CIMPL and Convergence Software

Method based implementation

All implementation projects are executed using proprietary implementation methodology which defines the methods and procedures used to plan for, manage, and execute installations for our Customers.

The installation of TEM system can be very beneficial to an organization’s bottom line and needs to be treated as a critical project that the organization undertakes. After all you want to start reducing expenses and streamline processes rather sooner than later.

Generally, there are very few other ICT projects that bring similar direct and measurable benefits as the implementation of the TEM systems. TEM systems are used to reduce expenses and run all technology environment business processes in an organization. The success or failure of the implementation can be vitally important to both current profits and the future viability of a business. As a result, understanding the processes and phases involved in the implementation of this endeavor can pay major dividends. Convergence applies a phased model for TEM implementation and four distinct phases - preparation and training, transition, performance and usefulness, and maintenance. Each phase has distinct stages.

In this model the software implementation will be executed in five stages: Analysis, Design, Configuration/Development, Testing, and Deployment. These stages may differ from project to project depending on the customer’s need for module functionality and, their business requirements which drive the extent of all design and configuration activities.

Depending on Customer’s business objectives and priorities, the five stages can be executed in a cyclical fashion to deploy functionality, modules and/or data in multiple iterations.

To minimize unexpected outcomes and maximize user adoption upon deployment, several checkpoints are embedded throughout the implementation to validate requirements, design and progress with the core project team. These checkpoints are performed at the conclusion of the Analysis, Design and Testing phases.

In addition, up to four work streams occur in parallel with the five implementation stages depending on the needs of the project. These work streams include: Project Management/Administration, Inventory Build, Training, and Hosting/Technical Environment Setup. Each work stream brings focused attention to specific on-going activities. throughout the duration of the project.

Implementation Roles and Responsibilities

It is common knowledge that the success of a project to a large extent is depending on good planning and the allocation of the right people from the customer’s side as well during the different phases of a project.

We want to highlight shortly the different “roles” that will be necessary during the course of the project from the customer’s side.

These “roles” go with a “responsibility” and are expected to fulfill certain “tasks” during the project execution.


The “Sponsor” carries responsibility over the overall quality of the user data as well as over the entire project.

The “Sponsor” has a sufficient level of authority and empowerment to take decisions and to push through any decision that has been made. He may be considered as the “Project Manager of the users”.


This individual will be the eventual new user of the new system and/or will be responsible for it. The user is an important role as he/she will take care of the information quality, necessary for the project and will do so at any given time during the project.

The users are interviewed, participate at feedback sessions, collaborate with analysts and developers, and participate to systems testing.

User Management (Steering committee)

The Steering Committee keeps regular meetings where they discuss the progress of the project, based on a Progress Report and/or Project Execution Document.

These documents track the project advancement against the planning, report on the project execution, maintains a list of open issues and steps as well as a list of objectives for the next phase in the project.

Strong involvement and participation of the customer employees is of utmost importance during all phases. Convergence anticipates such dedicated commitment, which will lead to a successful project execution.

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Telecom Expense Management Solutions

TEM Auditing Solutions

Auditing their telecom expenses is for many of our customers the first step to test the business case and many benefits brought by  Telecom Expense Management. A logical step because -according to analysts- over 50 % of the telecom invoices customers receive from operators contains billing errors. These errors lead to 3 % to up to 8% of annual telecom expenses in inflated charges. In some cases Convergence has recovered over 20% of annual telecom service costs.

TEM Inventory Foundation

An accurate inventory allows to execute a TEM program efficiently, providing easy reporting and analysis of inventory related information and producing maximum savings.The foundation of a telecom expense management (TEM) program is an accurate telecommunications service inventory. The telecom inventory is the reference base for telecom management activities such as tracking moves, adds and changes, operator spending levels and network optimization.

TEM Strategic Sourcing

Convergence’s Telecom Strategic Sourcing services combine advanced e-sourcing software solutions with deep telecom domain expertise, extended market intelligence, and a proven telecom strategic sourcing process that substantially reduce your telecom services expenses and produce exceptional return on investment for your organization’s communications services. Leverage Convergence's Sourcing Experience to get outstanding results from your sourcing initiatives.


Convergence’s RFx method is based on a facts and figures based objective analysis, and assures that even non-financial dimensions of the bid are turned into numbers for straightforward scoring. The professionals at Convergence have extensive experience in planning, developing, issuing, and executing complex RFxs for Telecommunications equipment and services, including online and reverse auctions. Convergence consultants average more than 20 years of experience.


Convergence provides TEM Business Process Outsourcing services through Convergence’s TEMCare Managed Services. TEM Business Process Out-tasking services are available for organizations that acquire a TEM solution to operate with internal resources or hosted by Convergence. Even then, the customer may want to assign operational and TEM business consulting services to Convergence. Such TEM Business Process Out-tasking services are covered by Convergence’s TEMOperations services.


After validation and optimization, the next important contributing factor to the gains Telecom Expense Management can bring is ATM - Active Telecom Management, where validation and optimization becomes an ongoing process and cost consciousness and employee awareness also help reducing overall costs through delivery of monthly reports and business intelligence. Active Telecom Management has the potential to further reduce your telecom expenses by 15% to over 25%.


With TEM supporting and transforming critical business processes to reduce costs and improve telecom management processes, ensuring that the TEM applications are managed effectively and continually is critical. With TEM requiring both technical and business knowledge, skilled TEM professionals who can deliver quality services to the organization and its management with minimal training are hard to find. TEMResourcing provides you with such skilled professionals either remotely working or on site.

TEM Reports

TEMReports Business Intelligence provides insight in your TEM environment. While the reporting and analysis capabilities provided by our TEM software are extremely powerful and user-friendly, design and production of reports, dashboards, analysis and other Business Intelligence deliverables can be out-tasked to Convergence specialists with deep TEM knowledge. This service allows you to support management and other users in your organization with custom business intelligence. 

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