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TEM - Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management are key practices in IT Financial Management. TEM  encompasses sourcing management, ordering and provisioning management, inventory and asset management, invoice management, usage management, dispute management, reporting and business intelligence, infrastructure management, maintenance expense management, over-the-air (OTA) central management,  inventory tracking of cloud/consumption-based services; other IT-related services, such as unified communications and collaboration (UCC); voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP); and loT, mobile device management (MDM), mobile security and wireless expense management and mobility management. It is clear that many ICT service providers see interest in bringing TEM solutions and services to their customers or provide them with advice in a collaborative approach.
With over a decade in TEM expertise and providing the most complete portfolio of TEM Software and Services in Europe, Convergence is the TEM provider to partner with.
Our Marketing Partner program is designed to allow partners to provide their customers with the cost savings and process optimization benefits of Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management without having to invest in the technology and expert knowledge to tackle the complexities of a concept with an increasingly broad functional footprint.
The partnership programs we offer are fit to the needs of the company types, that organizations rely on for cost and asset management visibility and control.

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Referral Partners

Our Referral Partners introduce Convergence’s industry-leading TEM solutions to their customers around the world, and earn a percentage of the revenues for referred accounts. As a Referral Partner, you come to be seen as a problem-solver in the industry. With Convergence’s TEM insight, you are better positioned to expand your customer base.
Convergence Referral Partners benefit from the program in many ways:

  •  Association with a leading provider of integrated, on-demand and on-premise TEM software

  • The ability to "bundle" your specialized services with or around your client's TEM requirements

  • Access to the co-branded marketing materials, whitepapers, and webinars of Convergence

There's no cost or ongoing requirement for membership in the Convergence Referral Partner Program. In addition, Convergence bears the cost of selling, closing, implementing and servicing companies you refer.

Benefits to Customers

Companies you introduce to Convergence will benefit from a substantially lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for their technology services and management costs than they would experience with their "traditional" approach. Our solutions and services provide end-to-end Telecom Expense Management functionality and industry-specific capabilities that will allow them to become more efficient and competitive.

Service Providers and Consulting Partners including Outsourcers

TEM addresses the short-term requirements to wring costs from corporate expenditure and addresses long-term requirements to include telecommunications within improved governance structures across IT.

Large and midsize organizations work with many service providers but none are as critical, or as trusted, as their outsourcing and consulting partners. The Convergence Marketing Partner Program provides in a way to generate revenue, without the steep learning and investment curve to develop TEM expertise.
Service Providers and Consulting Partners including Outsourcers have multiple options to fulfill this need:

  • The Marketing Partner private labels all or parts (e.g. TEMExpert Business Intelligence) of Convergence’s TEM solution.

  • The Marketing Partner passes through Convergence as a Managed Services TEM provider to its customers as an integrated part of its service portfolio.

Convergence TEM software and services offers benefits to outsourcers and to their customer: Convergence allows Marketing Partners to provide higher value services to a larger number of clients and has the potential to vastly improve a client's operational efficiencies. Convergence's hosted software offers a TCO that is significantly lower than comparable tools, so introducing clients to this new concept and method of using software will be seen as a high value service that your clients will appreciate.

System Integration Partners

Convergence Systems Integrator (SI) Partners are experts in providing specialized financial and consulting services that will help customers to get even more value from their TEM initiative. SI Marketing Partners are experts in their field and have a deep and unique understanding of TEM solutions. This allows them to help their customers use the Convergence TEM solutions and services to address requirements such as regulatory compliance or process optimization, as well as the requirements of specific industries.

Telecom and ICT Resellers, ISV’s

Convergence is the first and only company in Europe to give large and mid-size businesses Web-based TEM software solutions to deploy across their entire company internationally. Convergence’ TEM Software solutions will impress your clients and prospects, increase your new client acquisitions, and drive your top-line revenue.
Convergence’s Marketing Partner Program is designed for experienced business telecom and ICT and software resellers who are interested in growing their businesses with a TEM offering. As more and more organizations turn to hosted or on-premise TEM software solutions and services to meet their business needs, the opportunities for solution providers are bigger and better than ever before.
Are you interested in extending your company's market reach, expanding your customer base, and earning recurring revenue? Are you interested in helping your customers automate TEM business management processes, reduce telecom costs and maintenance, make better decisions, and improve collaboration within their organization? Then contact Convergence today.

Telecom Operators

Telecom operators look to become the outsourcer of choice in the communications environment of large MNCs – Multi National Companies. Telecom Expense Management is a “must have” for those MNC’s and these customers look at their telecom provider for a solution.
Telecom operators have several options to fulfill this need:

  • The operator private labels all or parts (e.g. TEMExpert Business Intelligence) of Convergence’s TEM solution.

  • The operator passes through Convergence as a TEM provider to its customers. 

Telecom operators have become contenders in multicarrier network outsourcing agreements in which TEM is a necessity to manage, validate and re-bill the services purchased from third party operators and provide comprehensive enterprise-wide reporting and analytics. In these outsourcing agreements, the operator is no longer simply managing its own service contracts - it is responsible for managing competitive operator services as the agent of the client. In this scenario the operators are viable, legitimate suppliers with TEM as part of the outsourcing solution.

How to become a Marketing Partner?

The Convergence Marketing Partner Program allows partners to generate additional revenue from a TEM offering, strengthen customer relationships through enabling cost savings, visibility and control, and get a strong competitive advantage by lowering TCO for their customer’s telecom services. As a Convergence partner, you can rely on Convergence for access to the software, information, and resources that will help you sell, deploy, leverage, and support Telecom Expense Management solutions.
If your business profile fits any of the above, we invite you to consider our Marketing Partner Program.

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