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Convergence customers are using Convergence TEMExpert Analytics and Business Intelligence and CIMPL’s powerful Reporting and Dashboard capabilities to get deep insight in the TEM Management focus areas: 

  • Visibility: Understand and control the detailed and total cost of telecom services, including advanced budgeting and forecasting analytics 
  • Control: Centrally managed telecom inventory and expense allows clients to enforce policies and drive behavior 
  • Optimization: Reduces overall telecom expenses and the number of resources needed to manage expenses and inventory, thus enabling better focus on core business objectives 

While these requirements are extensively supported by standard reports available, there is one certainty with Business Intelligence: each answer to a question raises 10 more questions that your managers and users want to see answered. And gradually building a custom library of Business Intelligence reports and analytics will increase the level of intelligence that becomes accessible as a standard deliverable each month and drive better performance and improve your ability to further reduce costs. 

Also, your requirements may surpass standard reporting: you may want to measure your performance in visibility, control and optimization or monitor specific risks, or use your CDR data as a source of CRM intelligence or you require specific Business Intelligence KPI’s delivered each month to support your company-specific best practices management methods. 

That is where our TEMReports services bring an answer for:      

TEMReports Business Intelligence provides insight in your TEM environment. While the reporting and analysis capabilities provided by the CIMPL and Convergence software are extremely powerful and user-friendly, design and production of reports, dashboards, analysis and other Business Intelligence deliverables can be out-tasked to Convergence Business Intelligence specialists with deep TEM knowledge. This service allows you to support management and other users in your organization with custom business intelligence deliverables providing the timely information they need, specific for your organization to improve management of your telecom environment. 


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TEM Business Intelligence consulting and report configuration services support: 

  • Budgeting: apply past telecom trends to quickly give accurate budgeting numbers to the finance department.
  • Risk management: apply and report on standardized processes and document compliance.
  • Forecasting: use forecasting and predictive analytics.
  • Exception reporting: investigate and benchmark inconsistencies in historical data across different vendors.
  • Trend analytics: identify trends in annual telecom expenses and in overall telecom consumption of services.
  • Data mining: find the golden nuggets in your data through deep data mining.
  • KPI’s: Transform your TEM solution into a proactive decision making engine across divisions and geographies.
  • Corporate Policy: Improve workforce productivity at the individual worker level and throughout your workforce through information sharing.
  • Operational intelligence: enable effective sensing, monitoring, management and analysis of your telecom environment.
  • Telecom threat/fraud detection: predict, mitigate or reduce potentially destructive results.
  • Workforce productivity: measure and monitor workforce telecom resource utilization and effectiveness to improve productivity. 

Modern enterprises understand that using data to derive insight requires more than operational reporting and financial roll-ups.

TEM Business Intelligence transforms your TEM data into insight, delivered at the point of need. Information is delivered on demand on the right-time, in formats that enable business managers to act in ways that maximize telecom expense reduction and optimize performance. 

With its strong Business Intelligence background, as the leading TEM provider in Europe providing TEM consulting, TEM systems integration and TEM application services, Convergence has unrivalled experience optimizing your telecom environment and TEM application investments and aligning them to your business requirements. Convergence’s TEM industry expertise, international capabilities, and global TEM experience can help you accelerate TEM implementation time, increase operational productivity, and execute faster on your expense reduction and telecom management objectives. 


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