Pan-European TEM Services

Invoice processing and TEM services across the EMEA region

Centrally Manage regional Telecom Expenses

Convergence provides Pan-European services from Brussels and the Belgrade, Serbia service center and satellite offices across Europe. Through years of investment in software and best practices and extensive experience with Pan-European TEM projects in over 30 countries, Convergence achieves excellent results in executing Pan-European TEM projects.

Pan-European Services Include: 

  • TEMCare Pan-European Managed Services
  • TEMSolutions Pan-European Professional Services

Our Pan-European Invoice Management services allow collecting our customer’s paper and/or electronic invoices. Invoices are collected either in-country for electronic invoices or centrally in Brussels and at Convergence’s and Convergence’s partner’s physical staging hubs with local paper to electronic conversion processing. Electronic invoice collection benefits from Convergence’s access to data centers world-wide and are easily uploaded through the secure TEMPOR Enterprise portal or operator and/or third party messaging services.

Convergence Pan-European capabilities are virtually available for any size organization, in any language; any currency and any country, subject to a minimum per entity spend volume.

Pan-European Invoice Processing

Pan-European Invoice Processing is executed under the TEMCare Pan-European Managed Services through the TEMPOR Enterprise Portal, providing access to TMP – Telecom Management Platform, using CIMPL Software and Convergence Proprietary BillIntelligence™ and TEMExpert™ Business Intelligence software.
An enhanced, robust mobile portal enables users to self-manage mobile device and service plan ordering and spend management with ease.

Convergence’s TEMCare Pan-European Managed Services and software capabilities - applying those technologies - include:

  • Multi-currency and Multilingual Support.
  • Multi-Currency and conversion to a unified currency.
  • Multilingual application interface allows EMEA-based employees to use the software in their native languages.
  • Multilingual service normalization maps services to a common denominator in English, while the native language service definition remains available.
  • Pan-European Invoice Loading/Processing.
  • Receive paper and/or electronic operator invoices.
  • Paper invoice loading for all European countries and more than 1,100 operator formats.
  • Electronic invoice loading is offered in over 200 formats.
  • Loading of all invoices in the TEM databases in a normalized format.
  • Loading of invoices in TEMExpert in both normalized and native form.
  • Validation of accurate loading.
  • Manage bill load integrity through operator billing changes.
  • Self-service monitoring and proactive alerting on invoice processing status (received, processed, posted, not received, etc.).
  • Archive invoice data.
  • Software hot maintenance support for operator bill formats changes.
  • Rapid e-Bill integration for new operator formats through TEMIntegrator.
  • Pan-European visibility to invoice data through the TEMPOR Enterprise web-based portal.
  • Pan-European Business Intelligence through TEMExpert for aggregated and detailed data.

As Europe’s leading provider of telecom expense management services and solutions, most of Convergence’s TEM projects are executed on a Pan-European scale and bring the benefits of centralized management with local operations to multi-national organizations in EMEA.

This brings true centralized and distributed visibility and control to fixed voice, mobile voice and data en data communications management inside and outside EMEA and independent of telecom operator, country, language, currency. Invoices are managed in both electronic and paper formats.

TEMSolutions Pan-European Professional Services

Convergence has executed Professional Services assignments in over 30 countries. The following Professional Services are available on an European-wide scale:

Pan-European TEMScan

This service measures the savings potential through TEM software and services for your organization. The service may cover all of your telecom spend (ImpactScan) or focus on Voice and Mobile (QuickScan), data communications (NetScan), Telecom Assets (AssetScan) or particular telecom sub-domains (InSight). The service provides you with the opportunity assessment and insight in the savings potential from the execution of a TEM initiative prior to starting it.

Pan-European TEMAudit

This comprehensive service combines a team of professionals with decades of experience in audit and dispute management, with Convergence’s TEM software. The historic billing assurance audit identifies, corrects, and collects operator billing errors from past invoices, optimizes future expense levels through benchmarking and contract renegotiation, while the ongoing audit utilizes Convergence’s automated software to detect and report on future errors and provides easy-to-use Dashboards and a Savings Tracker to display results. Customers often save more than 20 percent of their telecom spend through these audit capabilities.

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Pan-European TEMSourcing

With the potential to reduce spend by more than 40 percent, this service offers expert contract negotiation backed up by performing benchmarking, RFP and reverse auction software to optimize contract terms. TEMSourcing cover fixed voice, mobile, data and infrastructure optimization services. TEMSourcing services include fixed price and incentive based Telecom Tariff Optimization (TTO), Telecom Network Optimization (TNO), Telecom Asset Optimization (TAO) as well as contingency fee based services (SmartSave).

Pan-European TEMInventory

To establish an accurate telecom infrastructure inventory and set the basis for a comprehensive TEM practice, the TEMInventory demarcation service captures accurate counts of locations, circuits, vendors, and equipment within an organization.

Pan-European TEMFoundation

The TEMFoundation service consists of a consolidated fixed and mobile communications inventory creation paired with a comprehensive communications bill audit and optimization. Together these elements enable clients to realize significant, ongoing savings by identifying hidden waste and process inefficiencies and redundancies. The TEMFoundation service is also used to establish a baseline standard prior to entering into carrier contract negotiations. Designed as a virtually cost- and risk-free investment option, the two-part service applies cost savings realized through bill auditing and optimizations to offset the costs of building a comprehensive enterprise-wide communications inventory.

Pan-European TEMPolicy

The TEMPolicy service for mobile spending develops an overall mobile policy and procedures. The service defines an organization's preferred carriers, device choices, usage requirements, purchasing procedures and safety policies. An employee mobile policy will improve the level of control on mobile spending. Standard plans and devices and purchase guidelines contribute to reduce out of control mobile spend.

Pan-European TEMBPO

With Business Process Optimization for your Telecom Expense Management processes substantial savings can be obtained by streamlining TEM related management processes for contract and portfolio management, invoicing and bill management, infrastructure and inventory, cost allocation, vendor procurement, call behavior, expense reporting & analytics.

Pan-European TEMHosting

This service gives customers the option to outsource deployment, operations and support for their Convergence TEM software implementation, including all hardware, network access, application and database back-up and restore procedures, system security and software monitoring.

Organizations have the flexibility to deploy TEMSolutions according to their unique business needs. As an example, an organization may start with TEMSourcing to re-negotiate their mobile contracts, and then add more services over time for increased telecom savings. Alternatively, companies may choose a bundled set of TEMSolutions to achieve a comprehensive, outsourced, TEM managed service for their organization.

Many organizations have wanted to manage international fixed voice, mobile voice and data, IoT, M2M, UCC and data communications in a centralized way. Convergence TEM Managed Services now provides this capability in a unified integrated platform with reporting, inventory and workflow processes and business intelligence that ensures actionable information is available through one internationally capable solution.

Convergence provides TEM solutions in one of three ways: as licensed and hosted applications, a managed application service (SaaS), or completely outsourced as a BPO (Business Process Outsourcer) Managed Service.

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International Telecom Expense Management Capabilities

International Capabilities

With Convergence’s International Telecom Expense Management Capabilities, now multi-national and global organizations not only can benefit from centralized contract management, but also centralize their invoice, inventory and expense management, and can optimize each country’s spend, independent from the operator's geographical footprints.

Pan-European Services

Convergence provides Pan-European services from Brussels and its Serbian service center and satellite offices across Europe. Through years of investment in software and best practices and extensive experience with Pan-European TEM projects in over 30 countries, Convergence achieves excellent results in executing Pan-European TEM projects.

Global TEM

TEMCare Global offers extensive international capabilities to the TEMCare Base, Advanced, and Premium packages. With TEMCare Global, you gain the breadth and depth of software and services capabilities needed to support the global TEM needs of today's multi-national and global companies. The result is visibility and savings on a global scale.

Trans Atlantic TEM

To serve EMEA subsidiaries of US multi-national and global organizations and US Telecom Expense Management companies, Convergence has developed partnerships with US TEM providers and TEM providers on other continents to execute in the EMEA market and works directly with US customers operating an in-house TEM solution.

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