Mobile Voice and Mobile Data Expense Management

Reduce the costs, mitigate risks, and tackle mobile complexity.

High Impact Mobile Expense Management

Complete mobile managed service

Convergence delivers a high-impact solution to reduce the costs, mitigate risks, and tackle complexity associated with managing the mobile environment for any size organization.

Industry analysts estimate that mobile services account for billions in overcharges annually paid due to incorrect rates or undetected billing errors, at the same time mobile services are the fastest growing of all telecom expenses.

With no operators having an international or global footprint large enterprises and multi-national organizations have been deprived from a solution to internationally manage, control and optimize mobile expenses and negotiate contracts.

Mobile telecom management is more complex than fixed-voice communication systems: confusing roaming policies, international invoice processing, currency conversion, language barriers, validation of expenses and central unified reporting are a pressing need for many organizations.

With TEMCare Mobile Voice and Data, Convergence delivers a complete mobile managed service that allows you to reduce your mobile expenses and better manage mobile devices and smartphones across your organization. With TEMCare Mobile Voice and Data, you can eliminate the complexities of managing highly complex contracts and tariff plans, manage usage through Active Telecom Management and leverage organization-wide optimization and Managed Sourcing for total mobile telecom spend on an international scale.

TEMCare Mobile Services provide you -subject to the SLA level- with all or part of the following services: 

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  • Access through TEMPOR Enterprise to web-based access to TEM software including the Finance Manager, Inventory Manager, and Service Order Manager modules of CIMPL’s industry-leading software and the TEMExpert data warehouse.
  • Monthly Management & Web-base Reporting provides visibility into monthly usage and billing information to end users and managers through standard reports.
  • Catalog Management maintains comprehensive, policy-based online catalog for mobile services; allows users to navigate the mobile catalog and specify their preferred options; helps users identify best mobile plan and device.
  • Ordering and Device Fulfillment provides a web portal for users to purchase mobile plans, devices, and accessories and then manage the order fulfillment process with the appropriate carrier.
  • Invoice acquisition includes receiving paper invoices, staging EDI, downloading CD and web invoice, preparing invoices for accurate loading, tracking/retrieving missing invoices.
  • Invoice loading handles loading of invoices into CIMPL software, validating load accuracy, addressing loading errors, and attaching raw electronic files.
  • Cost Allocation, Invoice Analysis and Approval applies customer’s cost allocation schemes to invoices; handles exceptions; verifies invoices for misapplied payments, un-reconciled inventories and open tickets; flags validated invoices as “approved”.
  • Generation of AP/GL Feeds to AP and GL systems. Validates file transfers, reports transmission failures and loads post-back file into software.
  • Ongoing Audit analyzes electronic invoices against exceptions triggered by defined rules and thresholds; investigates potential root causes; explore optimization opportunities, verifies cost savings, and prepares disputes to be submitted to carriers.
  • Dispute Management opens and tracks billing disputes with vendors; attaches supporting documentation; follows up and engages appropriate contacts and escalates when necessary to manage disputes to closure on customers’ behalf; tracks and reconciles credits.
  • Inventory Management performs inventory reconciliation; handles inventory location management and contact management; provides related inventory management functions and supported services management.
  • Contract Management enables conducting ongoing tracking/management of contract dates, bonus credits, SLA compliance, and MARC attainment.
  • Customer Services for Complete Outsourcing provides support for custom requirements to fill gaps in operations.
  • Clarity reports: presents reports, dashboards, and key performance indicators.
  • TEMExpert business intelligence reports, trend analytics, scorecards and dashboards, OLAP, advanced and predictive analytics, alerts and proactive messaging.
  • Optional Mobile Device Management provides in a solution for software and security management of mobile devices.

TEMCare service packages provide in well defined, SLA backed Business Processing Outsourcing service programs, are customizable to an organization’s specific needs and can be complemented with Convergence’s TEMSolutions Professional Services to address specific additional TEM requirements.


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Telecom Services Types managed in TEM

Telecom Service Types

Managed Telecommunications Expense Management Services help you gain more control of your fixed voice, mobile voice and data and data communications telecom expenses and inventory. Designed for any size organization and customizable to your individual needs, TEM services allow you to manage telecom expenses across Telecom Service Types. 

Fixed Voice Services

Management of fixed-line communications - local, long distance, international, VoIP, SIP, Conferencing and converged communications services - is a critical task, requiring dedicated resources with a high level of knowledge of the intricacies of communications services. Our TEM services extend across the full lifecycle fixed voice communications.

Mobile Voice and Data Services

Analysts estimate that mobile services account for billions in overcharges annually paid due to incorrect rates or billing errors, at the same time mobile services are the fastest growing of all telecom expenses. Convergence delivers a high-impact solution to reduce the costs, mitigate risks, and tackle complexity of the mobile environment for any size organization.

Data Communications Services

Organizations typically engage in data communications network optimization to cut costs and relieve network congestion. But typical technical network optimization only reduces network traffic or use by 10 to 20%. In contrast, a TEM Network Optimization (TNO), provided in Convergence’s TEMSolutions reduces network expense and utilization by 20% to +40%.

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