Address the challenges of managing complex IT, Cloud and telecom assets and their associated costs, to reduce such costs, increase productivity and realise predictable recurring results.

Technology Expense Management – A Game Changer For CxO’s

Technology Expense Management services address the growing challenges that come with managing assets and costs of both traditional IT with Cloud based services.

From traditional IT investments, maintenance to cloud-based subscriptions to online ordering services, an enterprise can quickly lose track of ever evolving IT costs. Technology expense management involves managing everything hardware and software related within your company. It helps to bring out the key details regarding IT costs and assets. Understanding how TEM impacts business growth and efficiency starts with looking at what’s considered to be an IT expense.

Hardware includes just about anything with a power button: computers, laptops, printers (and any extra expenses for materials), scanners, fax machines, etc.

Software includes all of the licenses and subscriptions you pay for, whether they have a one-time cost or monthly/annual payments. Software can include things like your CRM or CMS, cloud application licenses, Skype for Business, Office 365 programs, collaboration tools, and so on.

Managing these assets might leave you wondering how to keep track of all these costs, while ensuring that you’re paying the right price for what you’re getting.

And keeping track of all IT assets and associated expenses can become challenging. As part of a business making IT investments, you may find yourself struggling to keep track of the different vendors you buy from, when it’s time to renew hardware, who’s using which licenses (or if they’re being used at all!), what computer is assigned to whom, and most importantly, the expenses that are being generated by all of these factors.

With a Technology Expense Management service, we can provide you with all of this information in an organized and comprehensive fashion. The tasks related to it can even be automated on an ongoing basis, allowing you to sit back and focus on other things. Our world-class third party and proprietary software, provided through a SaaS/Cloud Managed Service highlights usage, costs, discrepancies and potential savings at-a-glance. For example, through a Monthly Executive Report you will get a detailed breakdown of monthly costs, giving decision-makers a comprehensive look at the past month’s IT environment. Dashboards provide you with insight how costs evolve overtime. Costs can be allocated to the right departments, even when an asset is shared (such as a printer). Overall, you’ll gain complete transparency of your IT spend.

By keeping track of IT assets, you’ll be able to easily generate configurable reports and relevant data. All of this allows you to compare trends and spikes in costs with previous years, giving decision-makers the required knowledge to make better investment decisions in the future.

Staff can also become involved in the process and contribute to inventory accuracy via Self-Service. This means employees can confirm their usage of licenses or hardware, and if they aren’t using an asset or service that’s been assigned to them, they can take actions like transferring it to another employee, suspending the service, or returning the asset to the warehouse where it can be reassigned to another user in the future or disburse it, eventually recovering some residual value.

What TEM Services for Technology are available?

Our Technology Expense Management allow to controlling and track the cost of an enterprise’s full technology asset lifecycle and provide you with business intelligence.

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Technology Expense Management Services include:

  • Cloud Expense Management Services
  • IT Expense Management Services
  • IT Asset Management Services

Our Managed Services provide you with flexibility. You may choose to use our Technology Management Platform and manage assets and costs internally or fully outsource, where we take care of cost management and asset management with on-site or remote staff. Services performed include:

  • Invoice processing
  • Cost allocation
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Validation of costs
  • Expense optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Usage Management
  • Contract Management and negotiation
  • Bill Payment
  • Auditing

What is the value of Convergence Technology Expense Management Services?

Convergence Technology Expense Management services provide both, operational efficiencies and cost savings which can range from 20% to over 40% when aggregating all savings throughout the service period. The value includes among others:

Improved management of IT costs and budget

  • Gain clarity and control over your IT spend
  • Compare spend from previous months through the use of comprehensive and detailed reports. The breakdown of your data will help support better decision-making
  • Better cost distribution and allocation

Automate lengthy processes

  • Time consuming tasks related to inventory management, like approval processes and workflows, can be automated.
  • User intervention is reduced, saving employees time that can be re-allocated to more important and pressing tasks.

Analysis made easy

  • Data pertaining to your IT costs and inventory is demonstrated with clarity.
  • Made easily accessible, data visualization allows for a more efficient analysis, and therefore time savings.

Keep your IT inventory in check

  • Solutions that provide a self-service capability allow employees to take action on their assets and services with ease. They can complete tasks such as retiring assets and moving them back into the warehouse so they can be redeployed. Functionalities like these assure that none of the assets you’re paying for are left unused.
  • Efficiently track the lifecycle of all your assets and services.

Convergence offers multiple all-inclusive solutions, such as Telecom Expense Management, Mobile Expense Management, and a Technology Expense Management solution, allowing you to manage costs associated with all different types of assets, from IT to IoT. Gaining a clear perspective over your entire IT environment will not only help you save money, but will also help improve your operational efficiencies by saving time and organize the entire IT inventory, and ensure it stays accurate.

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TEM Services

Convergence provides in Technology expense-management (TEM) services that become of ever-increasing importance to enterprise buyers because it touches on virtually all aspects of the technology lifecycle. In the past, TEM was defined as telecom expense management, and it was largely focused on managing fixed and mobile telecommunications. However, it has now emerged to encompass the ever-expanding universe of networking technologies and services spend including managed services, maintenance, hosting, IoT and cloud services. As these technologies become more complicated and expensive, many enterprise users already have availed themselves of third-party TEM services to help manage some or all of these expenses.
Convergence offers an extensive range of Technology Expense Management services with international capabilities. Our services are technology enabled through a cloud based TLM - Technology Lifecycle Management platform supplied as a Managed Service, Hence no need to install on-premise software. We cover all service Types of a modern enterprise. And while Mobile Service Management is still the most visible , our Advisory Services have a similar impact on our customer's bottom line. 

TEM Managed Services

Our Technology Expense Management Managed Services provide centralized support for your TEM processes managing voice, data, colocation, IT and cloud services that include helpdesk, contract administration and negotiation, invoice and and inventory management and more. Reliable Telecom and IT Services are part of the most important aspects of your business operations. These services enable you to conduct business and communicate with your customers, employees, and locations.

Mobile Services Management

Mobile Services Management streamlines equipment management by automating the procurement and deployment of all your devices and services and provides insight in mobile asset expenses.
This service also assists in the evaluation, implementation, and administration of best-in-class MDM, MAM, and MCM solutions.
Helpdesk services are available up to the 24/7 level to resolve end-user hardware, software, application, and connectivity issues.

Technology Service Types

TEM used to mean Telecom Expense Management and addressed the management requirements for Fixed Voice Services, Mobile Voice ad Mobile Data services, Data Network Communication Services and their associated costs. Today the TEM acronym also stands for Technology Expense Mnagement, whiwh include telecom, but the Technology Service Types now also include IT, IoT and Cloud services which now also are incresingly acquired from a Pay-As-You-Use or Plan based catalog. 

Convergence Advisory Services

The Convergence Advisory Services Consulting solution helps organizations to achieve substantial savings from Technology Expense Management solutions and processes. Convergence experts help your team to optimize expenses incurred from communications services, cloud infrastructure and subscription-based technology services. Sourcing is a key part of the service portfolio. Our profound market knowledge and sourcing know how keep your technology costs  under control.

Technology Expense Management provides in solutions that increase visibility, improve management and streamline control of enterprise-wide costs for connectivity, mobility, hardware, software and cloud services.

In most organizations, finance, IT, and Telecom support teams simply do not have the time, resources or the necessary experience and tools to effectively manage monthly technology expenses on an ongoing basis.

"CIOs and other technology managers face turbulent times where both economic and accounting challenges will drive the need to control costs, either as part of a sustained cost-reduction effort or to act as responsible financial stewards for digitally-drive businesses."

TEM Market Analyst

What we do

Services in the spotlight

Convergence offers a broad portfolio of technology expense management services for all sizes of businesses, and we understand that business needs and objectives are unique. You may wish to outsource the entire TEM lifecycle to us or select specific TEM processes while keeping some processes in-house or workw with us shoulder to shoulder as your extended team. Our TEM managed services offering includes the entire technology lifecycle, ranging from invoice loading, auditing, allocation, and payment to call accounting, mobile optimization, mobile device management, and contract negotiation.

Mobile Service Optimization

Mobile optimization is all about control – control over your wireless spending and efficiency – and our three-step process takes you there. The average Convergence client saves 25% to +40% on their monthly mobile bill without reducing usage or changing providers. 
We start with analysis to review a minimum of three months’ usage, providing you with take-action recommendations to trim your spending. We then move on to optimization, finding service options and solutions to minimize costs. Finally, our skilled team guides your company through implementation.

RFP Process Outsourcing

The creating and management of a RFx i.e. a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Quotation (RFQ) for new technology equipment and services is a challenging and time consuming undertaking. Determining functional requirements, technical specifications, potential vendors, contract terms, and negotiations require an experienced team of consultants. Convergence have extensive experience in planning, developing, issuing, and executing complex RFxs for Technology equipment and services, including online and reverse auctions.

UCC - Unified Communications

Most technology expense management solutions offer ways to collect call record data from your traditional PBX systems, things like call origin, call destination, length of phone calls, and most other call activity. As part of managing telecom expenses, keeping track of calling activity so that it can be rated and charged back to the right departments is essential. When it comes to UCC tools, like Skype for Business, retrieving this kind of data is much more difficult. Without any other software in place, there’s no way of collecting key details regarding call and messaging activity.


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