Define guidelines for telecom usage in your organisation

A Telecom Policy is an indispensable instrument in your TEM strategy

Cost consciousness and employee awareness help reducing overall costs.

After validation and optimization, the next important contributing factor to the gains Telecom Expense Management can bring is ATM - Active Telecom Management, where validation and optimization becomes an ongoing process and cost consciousness and employee awareness also help reducing overall costs. Active Telecom Management has the potential to further reduce your telecom expenses by 15% to over 25%.

And beyond costs, the security, compliancy and privacy risks of an increasingly mobile user population become equally important.

How an organizations’ staff uses their telecom devices, especially mobile has a legal impact - both on them and on the organization. In order to mitigate risks and reduce costs, organizations need to communicate best practices rules on device usage, and clearly communicate this to their employees.

Considerations are:

  • Is the device solely for business use? Or do you allow personal use - and if so, is there any limit on this?
  • If you receive itemized bills, are your staff aware of this, and do they realize that you have the numbers of who they called?
  • Have you made your staff aware that the use of hand-held mobile telephones whilst driving is illegal?
  • Have you reminded them about confidentiality issues and the potential problem of their calls being overheard?
  • Have you instructed them that text messages should not be used to spread gossip?
  • Do they know their spending limits?
  • Has your staff been made aware of what factors and behavior allows to reduce expenses?
  • Do they know the penalties for breach of your rules?

Issuing a telecom policy will make sure that both you and your employees know exactly where you stand. It also will prove invaluable in defending any claims against you where an employee has either used a phone in breach of your rules, or where you have to take disciplinary action against an employee for abusing these.


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Convergence’s TEMPolicy service defines an optimized telecom policy for fixed and mobile communications in support of our customers' business objectives including preferred operators, device choices, usage requirements, purchasing procedures, data security, change management and safety policies. And as even the best policy is worthless without enforcement, we help you design and define enforcement rules that ensure compliance throughout the organization.

TEMPolicy considers:

Telecom devices and services usage policies

  • Personal use vs. business use
  • Acceptable usage policy
  • International usage policy
  • Preferred communications methods
  • Privacy rules and supervision

Telecom devices and services access policies

  • Allowed / preferred liability models
  • Entitlement of devices
  • Enrolment into service
  • Device disbursement and recycling

Telecom Expense Management policies

  • Tariff plan optimization
  • Device selection and procurement
  • Call and usage behavior
  • Invoice management and rebilling
  • Cost center / department allocations

Risk Management and compliancy policies

  • Information and business security
  • Safety requirements
  • Security/pass codes
  • Compliancy requirements
  • Legal liability
  • Business/personal use tax implications
  • Misuse of corporate data
  • Damaged, lost, or stolen devices

The TEMPolicy is a Convergence Business Process Optimization service. Business Process Optimization services encompass those services that help organizations develop and implement best practices with regard to the management of their telecom environment. In addition to the standard offerings we provide, custom BPO consulting is available.


Contact us for more information on the TEMPolicy service.


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