TEM for Enterpises

Enterprises now move beyond professional services to software modules for managing enterprise technology and telecom expenses.

Enterprises now implement Telecom Expense Management programs worldwide

Gone are the days of manageable telecommunications services and technology investments for enterprises.

Today, businesses employ an overwhelming array of technology and communications services. IT investments are increasingly replaced by cloud and pay-as-you-use services, whereas communication needs increase from traditional voice to more data and wireless services to VoIP.

As companies execute their digital transformation, these services are becoming mission critical for their business.

And they represent a major cost.

As the sheer volume of acquired services grows the risk for billing errors, unused or underused services and excess cost grows. For large enterprises, the leakage associated with technology and telecommunications services can translate into a loss of millions a year.

  • Global companies are the most advanced in the implementation of TEM initiatives.
  • Large National companies due to the multisite environment they have are increasingly adopting TEM.
  • MidMarket companies buy into TEM to tackle the increased complexity of necessary technology and telecom services to run their business.

Technology suppliers and Telecom operators have little incentive to clean house on their end. Suppliers are happy to credit a disputed charge, but they seemingly do little to try to decrease their mistakes.

Billing errors can result for any number of reasons: billing system conversions, mergers and acquisitions, poorly written business rules that introduce errors.

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On the enterprise side, there are simply too many bills that are too large and too complex for businesses to track and understand. Add to that a continuous amount of moves, adds and changes, and following the maze of services is a horrendous task.

A Fortune 500 company might process over 10.000 technology related bills per year, and a few thousands for a mid-market business.

Companies just cannot keep up with the volume, let alone perform detailed scrutiny for errors manually.

Manually auditing technology and telecom-related bills is crippling enterprise ICT and accounting departments, which separately grapple with the nightmare inventory and invoice problems.

Within most enterprises, about 85 percent of technology and telecom bills are not audited, but instead are paid in full.

Those that are audited are only done so in part. As services become more complex, grow dramatically in volume and increase in complexity with the mobile workforce and next-generation services, the risk of exposure only stands to increase.

Enterprises now move beyond professional services to software modules for managing enterprise technology and telecom expenses.

The software tracks technology and telecom service information, including billing, order management, provisioning and inventory.

Enterprises are seeking more than just one-off audits of telecom bills. Instead, they want to develop a long-term plan to track services and close leakage loopholes.

Many enterprises struggle for example with tracking wireless expenses and inventory as well as reconciling what virtual and physical inventory is actually used versus what is billed.

To track an enterprise's physical and virtual inventory, technology expense management matches it against a company's contracts, using an automated process to make sure that what the company is being charged matches the contracted rate for equipment and services. This automated process also automates moves, adds and changes.

Convergence has the concept, technology and experience to make an enterprise TEM project work.



Explore Technology Expense Management

Technology Expense Management fullfills the need of organizations to to better manage their ICT assets and services. TEM provides visibility into the Technology inventory and associated costs, eliminates inefficiencies and produces cost savings and avoidance. By centralizing information about traditional telecom networks, mobility programs, IoT, and internal IT infrastructure, Technology Expense Management solutions provide intelligence at any level of the organization. 

TEM for Enterprises

Recent economic trends are forcing enterprises to re-examine their top expenses, to reduce overhead and to increase corporate profitability, and one of the ways they're coping is via technology and telecom expense management (TEM). Enterprises are seeking more than just one-off audits of supplier bills. Instead, they want to develop a long-term plan to track services and close leakage loopholes. 

TEM for Government

The government and military organizations need do more with less and are more demanding when it comes to manage their technology and telecom budgets. Government Agencies and other Government Organizations need Technology Expense Management to provide increased vendor accountability.

TEM for Non-Profit

The web based nature of Technology and Telecom Expense Management software now allows nonprofit organizations to introduce a centralized management instrument, establish a global policy, get global visibility on expenses, allow individuals and distributed branches to manage their technology and telecom assets through a self service portal and more. 

TEM for Telcos

Telecom operators, Systems Integrators and Telecom Resellers can all benefit from Convergence’s TEM solutions and services and improve their customer service capabilities.  In direct and outsourcing agreements through the growing customer demand of technology and telecom and associated expense management services, the supplier inherits the TEM challenges to manage the technology and telecom contracts from its customer’s and third party services suppliers.

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Let Convergence take responsibility for your enterprise Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management programs. We deliver cost reductions, efficiency and time savings, and visibility and control.

"Convergence operates as an extension of our IT and Procurement team and has become indispensable to centrally manage our telecom contracts and costs."

Patrick R., Global Procurement Manager

What we do

Our main focus

Convergence’s vision is to provide clients with technology-driven professional solutions and expertise that allows them to more effectively acquire, control, understand, and manage technology and telecom assets and services  and their associated costs. This include IT assets, Cloud services, fixed voice, mobile voice and data and data communications services. We are part of a worldwide network of independent TEM outsourcers utilizing proprietary and leading third party telecom expense management software.

Managed Services

TEM Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing avoid the learning curve of an internal TEM solution, include ready access to subject-matter experts and bring sustainable process efficiencies and overall communication cost reduction for any size organization. The collaborative nature of TEM Managed Services and BPO allow leveraging the strengths of internal and external resources, maximize efficiencies and minimize expenses.

Professional Services

Convergence offers a comprehensive set of software-powered Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management professional services called TEMSolutions. Delivered by domain experts leveraging Convergence’s TEM software, the suite of professional and managed services is available individually or bundled together. TEMSolutions range from TEMAudits to Contract Negotiations/RFPs to Strategic advice on technology.

Application Development

Convergence offers a comprehensive portfolio of resources for development. Whether you want to augment your in house IT staff with experienced developers, assign a development project or outsource to our outsourcing service in SouthEastern Europe, we provide a solution. Our experts will work with you to gather requirements and help to plan, design, develop and implement a custom application that fits your needs. 


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