TEM Busines Process Outsourcing

Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing avoid the learning curve of an internal TEM solution, include ready access to subject-matter experts and bring sustainable process efficiencies and overall communication cost reduction for any size organization.
The collaborative nature of TEM Managed Services and BPO allow leveraging the strengths of internal and external resources, maximize efficiencies and minimize expenses.

Managed Services drive TEM Business Process Outsourcing  

The costs of an internal TEM program quickly outweighs the costs of an outsourced telecom expense management solution. Free up internal resources by leaning on dedicated and experienced telecom experts. An outsourced telecom solution will aid you in reaching higher levels of optimization in both your telecom spend and day-to day business operational costs.

Select your Telecom Expense Management Outsourcing Options

The Convergence TEMPOR and TEMPOR Enterprise portals provide organizations access to the most complete Telecom Expense Management platform available. TEM Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing are team efforts that allow organizations to manage the complete Communications Service Lifecycle from Auditing and Optimization of current services, Inventory Management, Service Order Management, Expense Validation Management, Invoice Visibility and control, to Business Intelligence fuelled Analytical Reporting of all Fixed Voice, Mobile Voice and Data and Data Communications services. Managed Services and BPO avoid the steep learning curve of implementing an internal TEM solution, include ready access to subject-matter experts and bring sustainable process efficiencies while substantially reducing overall communication costs for any size organization. The collaborative nature of TEM Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing allow leveraging the strengths of internal and external resources, thus maximizing efficiencies and minimizing expenses.

Telecom Expense Management Business Process Outsourcing

Leading analyst firms observe that TEM Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services are increasingly and broader embraced by organizations than managed services. Managed services offer application functionality and data management, whereas TEM BPO also addresses operational support needs such as provisioning, help desk, dispute management and payment services.

In Convergence’s portfolio of services TEMCare Base stand for SaaS-type managed services whereas TEMCare Advanced and TEMCare Premium offer increasing levels of Business Process Outsourcing.

CIMPL lifecycle management software and Convergence proprietary BillIntelligence™ and TEMExpert™ provide in the enabling platform to deliver both TEM managed services and TEM Business Process Outsourcing across Europe.

Why TEM Business Process Outsourcing BPO?

Typically, a good TEM Business Process Outsource (BPO) will manage a program for 20-30% less than the company’s internal costs with the added value of: gaining control of telecom expenses, minimizing process costs, maximizing efficiencies, reducing billing errors, meeting compliancy requirements, and reducing the telecommunications budget through audit and optimization.

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As a qualified, proven TEM BPO provider we continually invest in the enhancement and evolution of our entire end-to-end process. Enterprises are often hesitant to outsource their TEM services due to the belief that an outsource relationship adds to the cost of invoice processing.

The Enterprise TEM Environment Cost Control

Telecommunications and network services are one of the top growing operating expenses for most organizations. Containing them requires a number of tools disciplines, which are scarce in most organizations.

Rebilling and Cost Allocation

Accounting for telecom costs and determining departmental charge-backs are time consuming and complicated tasks.

Change Management

Telecommunications networks are continually changing and wireless and data services are rapidly expanding. Telecom operator changes due to mergers and acquisitions drive frequent changes to invoice formats and billing methodologies.

Process Validation

Most enterprises receive large volumes of paper invoices and rely on labor-intensive approaches to process, validate, audit and approve invoices that can lead to late payment penalties and uncontrolled service disconnects.

Data Visibility and Benchmarking

Networks are decentralized and organizations have limited visibility and access to the data needed to understand and optimize telecom expenses. 

For organizations that do not have an effective TEM process (i.e. people, process and technology coordinated in a best-practices approach) the costs are likely to be significant. Large billing errors can be caused by ineffective visibility to the telecom inventory, process inefficiencies, missing changes to billing, and other fundamental TEM disciplines.

Even investing in a TEM software solution does not guarantee success. Consider a comparison to personal financial software such as tax software. Your success in completing, filing, and minimizing your tax liability is dependent upon your knowledge of the tax code as well as your ability to apply the software correctly. Furthermore, the tax software that you used last year does not incorporate changes applicable to this year’s returns. The same can be said for TEM software-only solutions; they are as good as the supporting domain expertise and processes implemented by the enterprise.

A BPO of TEM combines the best-of-breed technology with proven business processes and domain expertise required to provide a successful end-to-end TEM solution.


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TEM Managed Services

Telecommunication expenses may represent 25% to 50% of ICT expenses, yet are escaping cost-containment initiatives due to the growing complexity of Telecom Services. Managing telecom requires highly specialized people, with specific skills and deep industry knowledge that only comes with experience from a large number of TEM projects.

That’s why Convergence provides a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Services that manage and optimize data, voice, and mobile expenses while assuring that our customers need to commit a minimum of internal resources. Our TEMCare Managed Services, allow you to outsource the repetitive, tactical tasks that support your TEM initiative. We also provide TEMCare Managed services (out-tasked) for both on premise and Convergence hosted TEM deployments.

TEMCare for Telecom

TEMCare is Convergence’s Managed Service offering for Telecom Expense Management Business Process Outsourcing. Convergence’s TEMCare family of business process outsourcing (BPO) services provides organizations with the visibility and control needed to effectively and efficiently manage fixed voice, mobile voice and data, and data and converged communications throughout their local, national, international or global organization.

TEM BPO Outsourcing

Typically, a good TEM Business Process Outsource (BPO) will manage a program for 20-30% less than the company’s internal costs with the added value of: gaining control of telecom expenses, minimizing process costs, maximizing efficiencies, reducing billing errors, meeting compliancy requirements, and reducing the telecommunications budget through audit and optimization.

Technology Expense Management provides in solutions that increase visibility, improve management and streamline control of enterprise-wide costs for connectivity, mobility, hardware, software and cloud services.

In most organizations, finance, IT, and Telecom support teams simply do not have the time, resources or the necessary experience and tools to effectively manage monthly technology expenses on an ongoing basis.

"CIOs and other technology managers face turbulent times where both economic and accounting challenges will drive the need to control costs, either as part of a sustained cost-reduction effort or to act as responsible financial stewards for digitally-drive businesses."

TEM Market Analyst

Our Experience

Convergence Analytics has over 15 years of experience in Telecom Expense Management. We executed over 250 projects with over 100 customers and achived a 99% success rate.  From a strong IT background, we use proprietary and third party software to consistently provide efficiencies and savings with Managed Services and Professional Services. We are serving large national and global customers and work with US, South American and Asian partners to support their global customers with our international experience across EMEA countries.

Our Philosophy

We love to use technology to create value for our customers and bring simplicity where complexity reigns. We bring clarity, control, compliance, and cost savings across our customer’s global technology expenditures. We leverage decades of experience in Data Management and Business Intelligence to provide data integration and expense reporting and even shadow billing solutions to help our customers get a grip on technology expenses. But we go the extra mile and provide technology enabled solutions that produce actionable savings. In our Business Consulting solutions we often work on a contingency basis, which assures our customers of guaranteed exceptional ROI results from their TEM initiatives. Through best practices, spend visibility and automation, we keep the digital footprint under control and cost-effective.

Convergence Analytics Solutions

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Telecom Expense Management Solutions enable companies to better plan telecommunications spend, source optimum contracts, ensure that they buy services against those contracts. In addition Telecom Expense Management monitors user and vendor compliance, provide telecom bill audit and accuracy, and analyze overall spend for ongoing improvements.

Mobile Services Management (MMS/MDM)

We take care of your Mobile Services Management. Our services dramatically reduce the amount of time your organization spends managing mobile services and devices. In addition to lowering your mobile expenses this service also lowers your operational expenses in managing the mobility lifecycle from sourcing to procurrement to device management to helpdesk.

TEM Audit & Recovery

Identify and recover billing errors and overcharges for your technology and telecom services as well as unnecessary services and excess rates. The scope of an audit engagement depends upon customer requirements. At a minimum, it consists of a detailed validation through shadow billing of both fixed and mobile services, equipment charges, taxes and surcharges.

TEM Strategic Advisory Services

The Convergence Advisory Services Consulting solution helps organizations to achieve substantial savings from Technology Expense Management solutions and processes. Convergence experts help your team to optimize expenses incurred from communications services, cloud infrastructure and subscription-based technology services. Sourcing is a key part of the service portfolio..

Cloud Management (CEM)

Cloud Expense Management has become the next frontier in managing Technology Expenses. Shadow IT and decentralized, self-service cloud services easuliy get out of control. Teams are setting up their own cloud services, bypassing the IT department and  organizational budget controls, while putting sensitive data at risk of breach, causing compliance risks and already lead to huge cost inefficiencies in most organisations.

IT Asset & Cost Management

Organizations are under pressure to keep track of actual IT costs and the business value of IT investments. Visibility into the cost of services is challenging and control difficult as financial data is scattered across the organization. IT Asset and Cost Management keeps track of the financial costs. It provides insight into what is being spent, and where and why costs are being incurred through analytics and reporting. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT represents a new challenge in Technology Expense Management. It helps in process optimization, better production planning and control, supply chain restructuring, efficient asset utilization, product quality improvement, faster service delivery and customer service satisfaction. While it brings cost efficiencies, organizations need to track these costs and their impact through integration in TEM programs.

Application Development

Convergence offers a comprehensive portfolio of resources for development. Whether you want to augment your in house IT staff with experienced developers, assign a development project or outsource to our outsourcing service in SouthEastern Europe, we provide a solution. Our experts will work with you to gather requirements and help to plan, design, develop and implement a custom application that fits your needs. 

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