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TEM represents an opportunity for experienced technology specialists across EMEA to join the Convergence TEM Business Partner network.

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Being a Flat World Company, our approach to serve a multinational market imposes specific challenges to staffing and execution of TEM projects.

The days of lump-sum outsourcing deals and blunt offshore labour arbitrage are long gone. The future is about disaggregating IT processes -- and then figuring who is best equipped to handle them and where they are located.

Already in 2005, Nandan Nilekani, CEO of the outsourcing firm Infosys and the man who inspired the phrase “The World is Flat,” was pushing the new mantra that could become just as universal: “Work will be done where it makes the most sense."

The New IT Supply Chain model is both refined and complex. Today, IT services companies take work, break it down into pieces, and perform each piece in the location that offers the best combination of skill, cost, quality and manageability. If, for example, a new TEM application requires frequent contact with managers in New York City, any of the emerging TEM providers would be a candidate to do it there. But if there are components of that work that requires development of new interfaces, that part can be done the other side of the world, where the skills are concentrated, or if an important part of telecom spend is from Spanish speaking countries, they’ll do it in Costa Rica or Spain.

This is the Flat World approach, IT is being disaggregated. Slice by slice, the whole model has changed and allows to serve customers better, faster, anywhere, anytime. Convergence is building its activities on the principles of being a Flat World company and staffs its projects with both Convergence staff and associates with the right skills and experience to execute TEM projects where and when needed.

This represents an opportunity for experienced technology specialists across Europe to join the Convergence TEM Business Partner network. The Convergence TEM Business Partner Network recruits Technology Expense Management Associates across Europe.

TEM Partner profiles are:

  • Business Associates: Business Associates develop the Technology Expense Management business towards a target customer base, be it regional or within a specific industry sector.
  • Technology Management Consultants: Technology Management Consultants execute Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management projects. Management Consultants perform telecom audits, provide optimization advice, advice on strategic sourcing, implement TEM initiatives at customer locations and off-site and assure that savings are being realized and business processes optimized.
  • Area Managing Partners:  Country / Area Managers take responsibility for a certain geographic area, often based on the geographic country borders, but in larger countries for the geography or industry sector that reasonably can be managed. They carry responsibility both for business development in their area and execution of project parts within their geography.
  • Technology Consultants: when during Technology an Telecom Expense Management initiatives savings opportunities touch upon technology, specific technical skills are needed to provide customers with advice on technologies, architecture, infrastructure and other technology related savings enablers. Technology consultants provide our customers with hard to find knowledge on technologies that save money, produce ROI and lower the TCO of technologies and telecom, even for new technologies such as unified communications or Software Defined Networks.

How to apply?

Use the Partner Application Form to submit your application.

Interested professionals looking for an employment should also consult the career listings for current job openings.

First, consult the Career Section to assure you apply for a matching career opportunity.

Subsequently send in your curriculum after consulting the Career Listings. You can click on the Recruitment Manager contact email button at the top of every career opportunity description you are interested in, and attach your curriculum and cover letter and clearly state the career opportunity you are interested in.

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Brussels, Belgium
Belgrado, Serbia


Paris, France
Dusseldorf, Germany
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lissabon, Portugal
Madrid, Spain


CIO - Financial Managers
CPO - Procurement Managers
CTO - Technology Managers
Mobile Managers
Network Managers
Accounts Payable Managers


- Telecom Expense Management

  • Historic Audits
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Telecom Procurement

- Mobility Management

  • Bring your own device

- Cloud Management Services

  • Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Cloud Billing
  • Cloud Analytics


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