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Convergence is an exciting company, operating in a growing market in an unsophisticated competitive landscape, with an experienced management team blending a proven track record in growing companies with specialized information technology and telecom industry expertise. The company saves valuable time and money for its Global 2000 clients by managing their telecom spend using its distinctive Telecom Expense Management lifecycle approach, a comprehensive in-company, out-tasked or outsourced solution to managing the complete range of voice and data services, delivered through a market leading Web application. Founded in 1993 with cash-positive operations, Convergence is currently positioned to become a fast-growing private company and is recognized as the leading provider of telecom expense management software and services in Europe.

Convergence combines the entrepreneurial creativity of a startup with the benefits of a corporate client environment, encouraging individual growth and contribution, teamwork, client focus and a feeling of company ownership by each team member.

Operational and back-office services are run by an in-house staff in Brussels, while business development and project services are delivered both by permanent and long term contractual staff.

Technology Management Consultant Profile

Convergence currently has openings for Technology and Telecom Management Consultants across Europe. This position involves contract work and project execution for Technology and Telecom Expense Optimization Solutions and Services. Convergence’s Technology and Telecom Expense Management services offer data collection and analysis of client technology and telecom usage, billing and infrastructure information to determine baseline cost factors, compliance with existing contracts, and cost savings analysis supported by Technology and Telecom Expense Management software and Technology and Telecom Expense Management Outsourcing Services. Some Management Consulting combine their project activities with Business Development activities.


  • Project management and execution
  • Summarize contracts
  • File claims for clients with vendors
  • Audit invoices
  • Execute cost saving recommendations to clients
  • Execute optimization recommendations
  • Create reports
  • Build rapport with clients and vendors and maintain strong working relationships
  • Conduct contract compliance checks
  • Document all findings
  • Escalate client issues with vendors


  • Strong Technology and/or Telecom background (minimum of 3 years)
  • Good understanding of Technology and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) business processes and concepts
  • Billing and contract management experience
  • Outstanding interpersonal and customer service skills (3-5 years experience)
  • Higher degree or equivalent experience
  • Excellent computer skills including MS Office Applications with emphasis in Excel, Access, Crystal Reports and Business Objects
  • Must work well in a fast paced dynamic environment
  • Analytical w/ strong problem solving skills and ability to multi-task
  • Detail Oriented


Home/Distant/Regional Office working contractual Management Consultant.

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Brussels, Belgium
Belgrado, Serbia


Paris, France
Dusseldorf, Germany
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lissabon, Portugal
Madrid, Spain


CIO - Financial Managers
CPO - Procurement Managers
CTO - Technology Managers
Mobile Managers
Network Managers
Accounts Payable Managers


- Telecom Expense Management

  • Historic Audits
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Telecom Procurement

- Mobility Management

  • Bring your own device

- Cloud Management Services

  • Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Cloud Billing
  • Cloud Analytics


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