Technology Expense Management for Integrators

Outsourcers and ICT Integrators need to support customers with
Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management solutions.
Our software and services provide you with a fast track to TEM.

ICT Systems Integrators and Outsourcers rely on Convergence’s TEM solutions

Organizations both large and small are struggling to maintain levels of quality while reducing operating costs to remain competitive.
Also, outsourcers and ICT Integrators need to deliver cost benefits to their customers. And as TEM addresses the short-term requirements to wring costs from corporate expenditure and addresses long-term requirements to include telecommunications within improved governance structures across ICT, TEM is becoming part of the outsourcing solution.

ICT System Integrators and Outsourcers now also can provide TEM Services to their customers.

Convergence understands the requirements of ICT Integrators and Outsourcers and provides technology and services to help them deliver on the customer requirements.

By using or custom branding our TEMPOR or TEMPOR Enterprise delivered TEM Technology, supported by our services, outsourcers and ICT Integrators can add a TEM service to their portfolio and realize dramatic savings and process optimizations for their customers.

TEM significantly eliminates the unnecessary costs related to inefficient enterprise technology and telecom processes and reduces total costs through intelligent, strategic sourcing of services and ongoing inventory management and invoice validation. Additionally, TEM provides analysis and reporting abilities to provide cost transparency in support of optimization of customer technology and telecommunications expenses.

Convergence’s Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) technology and services manages and optimizes a client’s technology and telecom inventory, improves billing accuracy, and provides critical management reporting to eliminate unnecessary costs and improve the balance sheet. By combining the world’s leading TEM applications and Convergence’s internationalization and TEM Business Intelligence software with experienced ICT, procurement and telecommunication professionals and solid methodology, Convergence TEM brings integrity into your customer’s technology and telecom expense management system, driving out costs while preserving service levels and improving productivity.

Convergence TEM includes call accounting, auditing, usage reporting, cost centre allocations, rebilling, spend analysis, process analysis, inventory analysis, requirement analysis, sourcing, contract compliance, and supplier performance measurement.

By providing services for your customer’s technology investments and recurring services such as cloud and telecom services for fixed voice and data or mobile, IoT and M2M expenses that span the full TEM lifecycle - assessment and audit consulting services, planning, design, integration, deployment and ongoing management – you can help your customers transform their technology and telecommunications environment by reducing complexity and automating processes to reduce costs.

Services ICT Integrators and Outsourcers can provide to their customers include:

  • Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management Consulting Services: consulting includes assessment, historical audit and savings analysis to identify optimization opportunities in your customer’s fixed, mobile and data communications telecom environment.

  • Secure credits from technology and telecommunication suppliers through automated monthly electronic invoice acquisition, validation and identification of billing errors.

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  • Cloud services management: AWS, Azure or Google’s GCP inventory and financial management and cost optimization.  
  • Fixed Voice Telecom Expense Management Services: for fixed communications includes standard, enhanced and premium offerings for managing fixed voice, data, conferencing, video and networking equipment charges.

  • Mobile Voice and Mobile Data Telecom Expense Management Services, IoT and M2M: provides mobile expense management, mobile device management, integration services, managed services to support the growing pain of budgeting and containing your customer’s mobile services and device expenses.

  • Technology and Telecom environment management: manage and reduce costs through automation of ordering, billing, invoice validation and cost allocation of voice, data and mobile services, simplify the environment and reduce staff complexity. With Convergence’s TEM experience, skills and standardized service processes you support your customer with improved expense visibility and quickly realize cost savings.

  • Provide control with proactive management of technology, cloud, voice, data and mobile services. Through centralization and standardization of technology and telecom ordering and provisioning, invoicing and inventory management into a single process and financial control system. Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management Services help you to eliminate your customer’s excessive cost of distributed services and toolsets. Through Technology and Telecom Service Lifecycle Management, including ordering and invoice management, our technologies and services are designed to provide your customers with an accurate view of their technology and telecom inventory and expenses, allowing you to immediately pinpoint telecom cost saving opportunities. Benefits derived from our TEM solutions and services include improved control over the entire technology assets, cloud services, voice, data, mobile and equipment telecom costs by centralizing and standardizing environment and invoice data and reporting across multiple providers, contracts, TEM related data sources and business processes.

  • Enhance visibility and control over your customer’s global technology and telecommunications expenses. Through business intelligence reporting and dashboard monitoring, end-to-end Technology and Telecom Expense Management Services allows you to gain the visibility and control needed to optimize your customer’s technology, cloud, voice, data and mobile infrastructure. Business metrics reporting on technology and telecom orders, invoices, inventory and cost recovery gives you the opportunity to plan and apply technology and  telecom budget and data networking assets. Improved visibility of inventory and infrastructure and expense trends helps to improve forecasting and enables more effective allocation of financial and staff resources to global business opportunities.

Convergence TEM software is available for on-premise deployment, as a managed service and in a hybrid configuration.

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TEM for Telcos

The telecom industry is challenged with increasing demand from its corporate customers to provide Technology Expense Management management capabilities.

Telecom operators, Systems Integrators and Telecom Resellers can all benefit from Convergence’s TEM solutions and services and improve their customer service capabilities.  In direct and outsourcing agreements through the growing customer demand of Technology Lifecycle Management and Telecom Lifecycle Management services, the telecom supplier  inherits the TEM challenges to manage the technology and telecom contracts from its customer’s and third party technology and telecom services suppliers.

TEM for Operators

To serve their national and multinational customers, operators have been under pressure for a long time to provide TEM solutions, including multi-country solutions to their customers. And especially in EMEA any company of size quickly operates on an international scale. Convergence provides in a platform for operators for Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management.

TEM for Integrators

Outsourcers and ICT Integrators need to support the Telecom Expense and Telecom Environment Management for their customers. In addition customers also expect increasingly a broader Technology Expense Management solution to support the technology lifecycle for IT services, cloud, IoT and M2M. Our software and services provide you with a fast track to TEM for both requirements.

TEM for Telco Resellers

As a trusted advisor and reseller of technology such as cloud services and telecom services telecom resellers are expected to be more than a supplier. Customers expect you to use your industry knowledge to drive cost savings with Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management solutions. Convergence provides Telco resellers with a supplier agnostic platform and solutions to serve your customers.

Technology Expense Management provides in solutions that increase visibility, improve management and streamline control of enterprise-wide costs for connectivity, mobility, hardware, software and cloud services.

In most organizations, finance, IT, and Telecom support teams simply do not have the time, resources or the necessary experience and tools to effectively manage monthly technology expenses on an ongoing basis.

"CIOs and other technology managers face turbulent times where both economic and accounting challenges will drive the need to control costs, either as part of a sustained cost-reduction effort or to act as responsible financial stewards for digitally-drive businesses."

TEM Market Analyst

Our Experience

Convergence Analytics has over 15 years of experience in Telecom Expense Management. We executed over 250 projects with over 100 customers and achived a 99% success rate.  From a strong IT background, we use proprietary and third party software to consistently provide efficiencies and savings with Managed Services and Professional Services. We are serving large national and global customers and work with US, South American and Asian partners to support their global customers with our international experience across EMEA countries.

Our Philosophy

We love to use technology to create value for our customers and bring simplicity where complexity reigns. We bring clarity, control, compliance, and cost savings across our customer’s global technology expenditures. We leverage decades of experience in Data Management and Business Intelligence to provide data integration and expense reporting and even shadow billing solutions to help our customers get a grip on technology expenses. But we go the extra mile and provide technology enabled solutions that produce actionable savings. In our Business Consulting solutions we often work on a contingency basis, which assures our customers of guaranteed exceptional ROI results from their TEM initiatives. Through best practices, spend visibility and automation, we keep the digital footprint under control and cost-effective.

Convergence Analytics Solutions

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Telecom Expense Management Solutions enable companies to better plan telecommunications spend, source optimum contracts, ensure that they buy services against those contracts. In addition Telecom Expense Management monitors user and vendor compliance, provide telecom bill audit and accuracy, and analyze overall spend for ongoing improvements.

Mobile Services Management (MMS/MDM)

We take care of your Mobile Services Management. Our services dramatically reduce the amount of time your organization spends managing mobile services and devices. In addition to lowering your mobile expenses this service also lowers your operational expenses in managing the mobility lifecycle from sourcing to procurrement to device management to helpdesk.

TEM Audit & Recovery

Identify and recover billing errors and overcharges for your technology and telecom services as well as unnecessary services and excess rates. The scope of an audit engagement depends upon customer requirements. At a minimum, it consists of a detailed validation through shadow billing of both fixed and mobile services, equipment charges, taxes and surcharges.

TEM Strategic Advisory Services

The Convergence Advisory Services Consulting solution helps organizations to achieve substantial savings from Technology Expense Management solutions and processes. Convergence experts help your team to optimize expenses incurred from communications services, cloud infrastructure and subscription-based technology services. Sourcing is a key part of the service portfolio..

Cloud Management (CEM)

Cloud Expense Management has become the next frontier in managing Technology Expenses. Shadow IT and decentralized, self-service cloud services easuliy get out of control. Teams are setting up their own cloud services, bypassing the IT department and  organizational budget controls, while putting sensitive data at risk of breach, causing compliance risks and already lead to huge cost inefficiencies in most organisations.

IT Asset & Cost Management

Organizations are under pressure to keep track of actual IT costs and the business value of IT investments. Visibility into the cost of services is challenging and control difficult as financial data is scattered across the organization. IT Asset and Cost Management keeps track of the financial costs. It provides insight into what is being spent, and where and why costs are being incurred through analytics and reporting. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT represents a new challenge in Technology Expense Management. It helps in process optimization, better production planning and control, supply chain restructuring, efficient asset utilization, product quality improvement, faster service delivery and customer service satisfaction. While it brings cost efficiencies, organizations need to track these costs and their impact through integration in TEM programs.

Application Development

Convergence offers a comprehensive portfolio of resources for development. Whether you want to augment your in house IT staff with experienced developers, assign a development project or outsource to our outsourcing service in SouthEastern Europe, we provide a solution. Our experts will work with you to gather requirements and help to plan, design, develop and implement a custom application that fits your needs. 

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