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TEMTAS Partners –Technology Expense Management Trans Atlantic Partners are partners in the US, Asia, the Pacific and Latin America who serve customers with EMEA subsidiaries. 

Think Global, act local
as a TEMTAS Partner

TEM is market driven and is especially in high demand from U.S. - based multinational corporations (MNCs). Demand in Europe is growing and providers based in the US have wisely addressed this demand by partnering with Convergence.

US providers have been challenged to serve geographical dispersed subsidiaries of US MNC’s with the complexities of the European market due to the many languages, operators, currencies and unfamiliar telecom services.

At the same time European TEM providers in general come from a call accounting background and are still country-focused and merely focus on TEM applications sales.

While operating across the Atlantic, most MNC’s lack the size in their TEM initiatives to be served by global outsourcers and so far have relied on regional TEM initiatives, which deprives them from the benefits of a centralised  and standardised TEM program and processes.

There is a present and urgent need for EMEA subsidiaries of US MNC’s for local TEM services that assure Pan-European execution of TEM initiatives launched by the US MNC’s Headquarters.

And there is a similar need for services that allow MNC’s with European Headquarters to see their TEM initiatives to be executed in a Pan-European and Trans Atlantic approach.

That’s why Convergence offers its TEMTAS – TEM Trans Atlantic Services offering to address these needs.

TEMTAS is a collaborative and reciprocal services program that allows US MNC’s and MNC’s with Headquarters on other continents to integrate EMEA TEM requirements in their domestic initiated TEM projects.

TEMTAS also is a collaborative and reciprocal services program that allows EMEA MNC’s to integrate TEM requirements in the US and on other continents in their EMEA initiated TEM projects.

To enable TEMTAS services Convergence has created the TEMTAS Partner program that allows US and other non-EMEA TEM providers to subcontract the EMEA part of global TEM initiatives by US MNC’s to Convergence, thus avoiding the challenges and costs that come with international project execution. And the same program allows Convergence to subcontract the non- EMEA part of global TEM initiatives by EMEA MNC’s to TEMTAS partners, thus avoiding the challenges and costs for customers that come with Trans Atlantic project execution.

TEMTAS Partners – Technology Expense Management Trans Atlantic Services Partners are partners in the US, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and Africa who serve customers with EMEA subsidiaries. TEMTAS partners call upon Convergence to execute the EMEA part of their TEM projects. Convergence provides TEMTAS partners with the Convergence SBO - Standard Bill Output providing a standardized and normalized electronic invoice for EMEA supplier invoices. This allows TEMTAS partners to execute TEM projects for their multinational or global customers and benefit from the strong regional and niche expertise of Convergence in EMEA.

This program brings the benefits of international TEM execution to both EMEA headquartered and US headquartered MNC’s and provides in a best-of-breed TEM services execution by local and even regional providers using the same integrated TEM solution platform and Managed Services.

TEMTAS services include:

  • TEM Resourcing Services
  • TEM Project and Program management services aligned with your methods
  • TEM Invoice processing services through our BillIntelligence platform capable of handling most EMEA operator invoice formats with the SBO - Standard Bill Output format, for upload to your TEM platform.
  • TEM Reporting services on our TEMExpert Business Intelligence platform
  • TEM EMEA Expense Optimization Services
  • TEM Trans Atlantic Managed Services based on Convergence TEM software and CIMPL or even your own.
  • TEM Custom services aligned to your needs or your customer’s specific, needs

If you are looking for a partnership that provides you with Pan-European TEM experience in 30+ EMEA countries, we invite you to consider our TEMTAS Partner Program.

And if you share our belief in the power of collaboration and have what it takes to join our global alliances program as TEMTAS Partner, contact us for more information about the Convergence Alliance Partner Program.

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