TEMCare Dispute Management

Opens and tracks billing disputes, documents errors, follows up and engages appropriate contacts and escalates when necessary to manage disputes to closure, tracks and reconciles credits.

Automated dispute management is critical to recover overcharges and obtain related credits.

TEMCare applies automated Dispute
to assure recoveries are realized.

The sheer volume of transactions related to Fixed Voice, Mobile Voice and Data, IoT, M2M, UCC and Data Communications services unfortunately lead to billing errors, SLA claims, contract issues, overcharges and many other anomalies that require corrective action and follow up for monetary recoveries.

According to industry analysts, up to 80% of telecom invoices contain billing errors. These errors equate to 3% to 8% in overcharges translating in millions in cost recovery opportunities for large organizations.

Presenting these disputes in a well documented way, understanding the relationship with the operator and the appropriate processes to handle disputes, provide structured follow up till correction and / or recovery requires specialist knowledge provided in TEMCare Dispute Management.

TEMCare Dispute Management opens and tracks billing disputes with vendors; attaches supporting documentation; follows up and engages appropriate contacts and escalates when necessary to manage disputes to closure on customers’ behalf; tracks and reconciles credits.

Large organizations may have hundreds of disputes across multiple operators to manage at any time. Automated dispute management is critical to recover overcharges, enforce billing error credits, claim SLA kick-backs, resolve contract issues and assure elimination of other anomalies. TEMCare Dispute Management applies automated dispute management, making the difficult and time-consuming process to identify, manage, track, and recover telecom invoice errors more manageable.

TEMCare Dispute Management provides detailed status tracking and KPI reporting and business intelligence analytics to provide follow up information to TEM consultants taking care of recovery of credits and refunds.

TEMCare Dispute Management includes: 




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  • Management of telecom invoice disputes through the Total Telecom Service Lifecycle Management (TTSLM) processes for Fixed Voice Mobile Voice and Data and Data Communications services
  • High-level and detailed visibility through comprehensive dispute recording
  • Full-pay / short-pay decisions management
  • Detailed status and escalation level tracking to manage disputes to resolution
  • Automated management of any amount of disputes simultaneously
  • Disputes are tracked by operator and organized and categorized down to the account number
  • Creation of multiple disputes for multiple circuits
  • Multiple disputes may be linked together for synchronous tracking overtime
  • Dispute tracking and reporting by type of service, operator, location and other measures
  • Analytics and reporting on open, submitted, or closed disputes
  • Follow up on expected credit date for recoveries, resolution date for other issues
  • Financial accruals management of disputes with matching and posting of credits and refunds against multiple disputes
  • Visibility into open disputes and expected credited amounts allows prioritizing disputes and budgeting of credits and recoveries

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