TEMOptimizer Plan and Options optimization

Automated optimization of Mobile subscriptions

Automate the periodic optimization of your subscriptions to avoid overcharges.

TEMOptimizer rightsizes your Mobile
plans and options periodically.

The telecom tariff plan determines together with user calling minutes and data volumes consumption how much cost each individual subscriber is generating to an organization.

While fixed voice telecom expense management is complex, call accounting for mobile voice and data services is even more confusing. Mobile tariff plans change all the time, and trying to keep up while also tracking usage fluctuations among employees is a daunting task.

Operators continue to offer varied and fluctuating options to their customers; hence selecting the lowest cost options is close to a guessing game.

FMC - Fixed Mobile Convergence also imposes ongoing optimization efforts.

Fixed and Mobile tariff plan optimization maps end-user calling patterns and compares that data to the database of fixed and mobile tariff plans available to determine the best fit for both employee demand and company spend.

Convergence TEMOptimizer is a software front-end solution allowing optimizing telecom expenses and services on a monthly or quarterly basis within the applicable tariff plans, inventory and current user profiles.

TEMOptimizer is part of the TEMAuditor Workbench telecom auditing productivity software and leverages Convergence’s TEMExpert Business Intelligence software, working as a front end application against the detailed CDR level invoice data available in the TEMExpert Data Warehouse.

TEMOptimizer provides a dashboard that telecom auditors use to generate reports and identify opportunities for savings.

TEMOptimizer allows you to:

  • Retrieve the data from TEMExpert to create individualized calling profiles.
  • Assess calling profiles against the available operator tariff plan(s).
  • Determine optimization recommendations from an individual as well as a pooling perspective.
  • Implement cost optimizations based on usage patterns with the operator.
  • Verify that the carrier has properly implemented the recommendations.
  • Manage disputes regarding optimizations with the operator.
  • Track the resulting savings against the optimization recommendations.

To assure that mobile services are properly aligned with user profiles and business needs, and avoid overpaying on services use TEMOptimizer to regularly optimize contracted tariff plans.

In its portfolio of TEMCare Managed services, Convergence provides outsourced optimization services using TEMOptimizer in order to regularly test our clients' mobile user base for best tariff plan fit on a monthly or quarterly basis to minimize mobile expenses.

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Convergence TEM Technology

TEMExpert Business Intelligence

With TEMExpert Business Intelligence you can track previous spend and usage, capture data from reports and analytics and perform accurate analysis of the health of your organization’s telecom environment. Predictive analytics allow your organization to anticipate, to execute trend analysis, and avoid unnecessary expenses. Dashboards with drill-down capabilities provide accurate executive information and deep analysis capabilities, while gauges and graphs support comprehensive, visual analysis for full spend insight and transparency..


Convergence BillIntelligence™ addresses the need for central processing of invoices coming from many countries and operators, in as many languages and a variety of formats. BillIntelligence™ captures billing data from EDI, XML, XLS, CSV, TXT and other electronic formats, processes the billing data, maps data down to the CDR level to a common format, provides in normalization, data transformation, data mapping and language translation and produces output to any database or any alternate file format.

TEMAuditor Workbench

Convergence has developed a dedicated audit application, TEMAuditor Workbench to automate the auditing processes and increase the efficiency of telecom auditors. TEMAuditor Workbench: supports telecom analysts in invoice validation and optimization assignments prior to the deployment of a TEM solution and during recurring deep validation and optimization processes. With TEMAuditor Workbench our experts dig deep in the history of your telecom records to uncover billing errors and determine savings opportunities.

XORD Custom Billing

The Convergence Advisory Services Consulting solution helps organizations to achieve substantial savings from Technology Expense Management solutions and processes. Convergence experts help your team to optimize expenses incurred from communications services, cloud infrastructure and subscription-based technology services. Sourcing is a key part of the service portfolio..

VENTURA Forecasting

Convergence XORD Billing Software provides Telecom Operators with an extraordinary billing solution for their extraordinary customers. Which allows you to provide them with extraordinary service with regards to their billing requirements. Integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, XORD allows you to deliver a personalized experience. XORD allows to work with personalized rate plans, so you can make an offer in tenders without being restrained by standard offerings. 

Cipher Optimization

User behavior from telecom service users changes faster than ever. And your extraordinary customers want timely advise for the optimization of their service plans as user behavior changes. Convergence CIPHER Service Plan Optimization Software allows you to do just that on an ongoing basis during the lifetime of your service agreements. This allows you to provide your extraordinary customers with a credible cost management service beyond their expectations.

ACIES Telco Analytics

Convergence ACIES Reporting and Analytics Software provides Telecom Operators with a state-of-the-art Business Intelligence solution for their most demanding customers. Not only can you provide your customers with a standard portfolio of metrics and insight, ACIES allows for fully customizable intelligence. With the help of Convergence or through self-service by the customer. Which addresses the requirements of large and profitable customers at every level.


TEMPOR is an enterprise web platform integrating Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value. It provides centralised acces in the cloud to the operational and analytic applications that enable TEM. The core TEM applications provided through TEMPOR include Convergence BillIntelligence and TEMExpert as well as the third party software from CIMPL and other partner solutions.  

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